Cool Shirt Tuesday 7

Bad Brains Skeleton
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I say it often: Bad Brains is the coolest band of all time. Pretty sure everyone from Henry Rollins to the Beastie Boys to pro wrestler MVP would back me on this. A hardcore band that came up in the early 80’s, Bad Brains was made up of skilled, crazy black dudes. Not only did they play heavy punk; they’d pepper their set with reggae jams that even the skinhead audience members would groove to. I was fortunate to catch them in about 2006 at the House of Blues in Anaheim. They still kicked major ass. Continue reading

Cool Shirt Tuesday #5

Open Your Mind
Designed By: Fuacka 
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Total Recall is one of my all-time favorite movies. Do I have to mention I’m referring to the 1990 Arnold Schwarzenegger original? I hope not. It wasn’t just a funny action movie; it also had a great cast and a mind-fuck plot. Continue reading

Cool Shirt Tuesday #4

He Knows Nothing
Designed By: CatchABrick


Did you see the Game of Thrones season 5 finale Sunday night? Holy crap! Don’t worry if you haven’t; I won’t spoil anything. This season has received an inordinate amount of hate. Maybe it’s from people who read the books and are now almost as in-the-dark as the rest of us. Maybe it’s from people who forget that storytelling – especially in a world like Westeros – has a lot of crap hitting a lot of fans to the point that very few people don’t get shit-faced. I’ve personally been as enthralled with this season as any before, even though a couple scenes were uncomfortable. Continue reading

Cool Shirt Tuesday #2

I Know Tofu
Designed by crula
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I don’t eat meat or dairy. I haven’t in several years. I’m proud of this – like most of my lifestyle choices (working out regularly, no alcohol, etc.). And like most things I like, I want to represent them on a t-shirt. But unlike enjoying Legend of Zelda or Black Sabbath, for example, it’s a little preachy to sport a vegan t-shirt. That’s where this one comes in.
Continue reading