Cool Shirt Tuesday #2

I Know Tofu
Designed by crula
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I don’t eat meat or dairy. I haven’t in several years. I’m proud of this – like most of my lifestyle choices (working out regularly, no alcohol, etc.). And like most things I like, I want to represent them on a t-shirt. But unlike enjoying Legend of Zelda or Black Sabbath, for example, it’s a little preachy to sport a vegan t-shirt. That’s where this one comes in.

It’s a play off “I know kung fu,” which I’m sure you gathered. I like how the little tofu is doing his best Ryu from Street Fighter impression. I also appreciate the kanji (Chinese/Japanese characters), though they’re not among the 200 or so that I know. You may not notice the tofu is a little camo-colored; also the shirt is a dark blue rather than black.

My wife Kate took this shot as I was preparing dinner. I was making us a curry with zucchini, carrots, mushrooms and of course organic sprouted tofu – all purchased from Trader Joe’s. We serve it over brown rice we make at home. Tofu is a great source of protein for vegans and vegetarians. It absorbs whatever flavor you put it into, so it’s versatile. I try to get organic whenever possible and try to limit the amount of soy protein I get.

This shirt was another TeePublic purchase, from my 6-shirt shopping spree. I’ve only worn it the one time, and it got some good feedback. It will definitely be a regular in my rotation, especially as it gets warmer (so I can rock the accompanying camo shorts).

The way I organize my shirts is like this: I have white, dark, and colored t-shirts separated in my closet. Let’s say there’s 10 of each color category hanging on hangers, which represent my favorites. Then I have my second-tier, folded atop the rack near the front of the closet and in color-organized piles. Then I have a third tier, for ones I’m just not that into.

I also have a selection of workout shirts – most of which I’ve made sleeveless – hanging and/or piled near the back of the closet. I tend to slice the sleeves off shirts that may be a little big but are still cool, or ones that may have gotten damaged. There are several GWAR shirts in the workout group, just because I have so damn many GWAR shirts.

So, there’s a peek into my t-shirt organization and food intake philosophy. Thanks for reading. See you next #CoolShirTuesday!

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