Cool Shirt Tuesday #4

He Knows Nothing
Designed By: CatchABrick


Did you see the Game of Thrones season 5 finale Sunday night? Holy crap! Don’t worry if you haven’t; I won’t spoil anything. This season has received an inordinate amount of hate. Maybe it’s from people who read the books and are now almost as in-the-dark as the rest of us. Maybe it’s from people who forget that storytelling – especially in a world like Westeros – has a lot of crap hitting a lot of fans to the point that very few people don’t get shit-faced. I’ve personally been as enthralled with this season as any before, even though a couple scenes were uncomfortable.

I wore this shirt – which features former Jon Snow love interest and fiery Wildling Ygritte spouting her trademark catchphrase with a pop-art style – all day Sunday, before seeing the finale. So I really did know nothing. In fact, I didn’t watch the episode until pretty late at night, due to NBA Finals game 5.

This shirt came from my Teepublic binge. Another sale recently means I’ll have plenty of other Teepublic shirts to post about. Unfortunately, this particular design is no longer available. I wonder if that’s because the art belonged to someone else other than the artist? I certainly don’t know the answer.

The sword is not Longclaw nor is it Valyrian steel, but it is pretty special to me. It was a gift from my sensei of 9 years and good friend, Mr. Robert Goodwin. Bob ran Film Fighting LA, where I was both a student and a teacher. Bob’s the best. He taught Christian Bale for Batman Begins. He taught the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for the first live-action movie.


Mr. Robert Goodwin & I put down our swords, sticks and knives to wield a different weapon. Bob is the best!

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