Cool Shirt Tuesday #3

Kermit X-Ray
Designed by Joshua Kemble
T-Shirt Link


I’m going back to the archives with this one, to 2010. I love this shirt, and I love the picture my wife took of me wearing it. It’s maybe the best photo she’s ever taken. No filter, just her iPhone 3G capturing some crazy LA light in the alley behind our apartment. We were on our way to karaoke, where I performed my famous Led Zeppelin/Beastie Boys mashup.

But back to the shirt. I bought it at TeeFury, one of those sites that feature a new design or two every day. Spend $10 (+shipping), and receive a unique shirt in a little while. I have a bunch of TeeFury shirts; it’s a great site. This shirt, official called Puppet Check-up, is perhaps the best of the lot and was during a time where I probably bought one shirt from there a week.

And what’s not to love? It’s such a clever design: Kermit the Frog in an x-ray where you can see someone’s hand all up in him. Five years later, it’s still worthy of taking up a hanger in my closet. Go to the link above to see a spotlight of the actual art, then weep at the fact that it’s no longer for sale. Hence the impulse-buy, limited-edition nature of TeeFury and similar sites.

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