Cool Shirt Tuesday #6

Momusu Flag
Designed By: Me!


Yeah, so maybe I’m cheating with this one because I designed it myself. See, I’m a big Morning Musume fan; they’re one of the most popular idol groups in Japan. Yes, the guy who toured with GWAR loves Japanese idols. Wanna fight about it?

The problem with liking a group from another country is that merch is hard to get. My dumb luck meant I started getting into Japanese music after I stopped going to Japan regularly for work. And even if I had Morning Musume gear readily available, the group consists of teenage girls. That’s not really my design aesthetic.

So I decided to DIY. With CustomInk, it was super easy. I put together a design in Paint Shop Pro 5 – about as old a program as you can get. What I did was use monochrome images of my favorite members from a recent single (わがまま 気のまま 愛のジョーク if you’re curious) and melded them with the iconic Black Flag logo – another of my favorite bands.

I’m happy with how it turned out, and wore it to the handshake event I attended during GWAR’s Japan tour. I chronicled in a travelogue available at Amazon. I’ve since made a few other custom Morning Musume shirts. The second was very popular with the girls during their first New York show (maybe I’ll make that a #CoolShirTuesday entry in the future).

If you have some stuff you’re into and no shirts with which to express yourself, I highly recommend CustomInk.

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6 thoughts on “Cool Shirt Tuesday #6

  1. I made a custom H!P-related shirt a few months back too. It’s more subtle in one way, that rather than any particular imagery it’s just big katakana ゴリラ. On the other hand, it’s also a big pink shirt.

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