Cool Shirt Tuesday 7

Bad Brains Skeleton
Bad Brains Merch Store


I say it often: Bad Brains is the coolest band of all time. Pretty sure everyone from Henry Rollins to the Beastie Boys to pro wrestler MVP would back me on this. A hardcore band that came up in the early 80’s, Bad Brains was made up of skilled, crazy black dudes. Not only did they play heavy punk; they’d pepper their set with reggae jams that even the skinhead audience members would groove to. I was fortunate to catch them in about 2006 at the House of Blues in Anaheim. They still kicked major ass.

I have some Bad Brains gear in my arsenal, of course – several shirts, a hoodie that looks like a military jacket. I brought the yellow skeleton shirt with me on a trip to see my Wisconsin family this summer. And as we were going to Summerfest, the world’s largest music festival – with 11 stages and 11 days of audio enjoyment – I figured why not look the part? So what if the only act whose entire set we watched was Taylor Dayne?

In searching for a link so you could buy your own yellow skeleton shirt online, I came up empty. So instead, I linked to the Bad Brains merch store up top. You’re bound to find something good there. And if you’re a Bad Brains neophyte, I strongly suggest you check out their demo album Black Dots on iTunes for a permanent +4 buff to your Coolness stat.

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