Peephole: A short story

I wrote this back in 2006. I don’t even know what inspired it. A friend and former co-worker reminded me of it, so I thought I would share for the masses (at least the tiny group that will ever read my blog).
Enjoy! And thanks Lisa Mason for the inadvertent reminder!


It was 9:30am. A time of productivity for some but not for Jason. He was sleeping happily — his mind telling a tale of naked tennis stars, with him as a ballboy, to keep itself occupied while the body rested. The score was 40-30 when an odd bell sound shattered his pseudo-reality. Groggily, he got his bearings in time to hear it again. It was the doorbell, announcing an unexpected visitor. As Jason worked from home, this usually meant UPS or FedEx was delivering something that he could turn into money. Money being good, he conquered his equilibrium and got up.
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Justin’s J-Pop Jukebox #2

Yattaruchan by S/mileage

The Group
S/mileage had long been known as ANGERME, before adding three new members in September 2014. It had always been a smaller idol group that boasted high energy and large smiles. It steadily gained popularity, and just this week had its second concert at the famous Nippon Budokan Hall. The new name and larger roster seems to betray some of the group’s identity, but what’s in a name – especially when it uses some French/English hybrid? Had I been in charge, I’d have called it Angel Army, which is actually closer to the actual katakana pronunciation, “Anjurumu.”
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I Failed As An LA Actor & So Can You! (or you can learn from my mistakes)

I’m an okay looking guy with a decent skill set. I can memorize a line and follow directions. So why not Justin Leeper: successful LA actor? Well, I gave it the ol’ college try. For years, I dabbled in acting. For a solid year, it was my number-one focus.

Despite some cool stories and a decent resume, I’d say I failed. I’m not alone, of course; thousands of people file into LA to “make it,” and all but a fraction leave disappointed. It’s like a Las Vegas casino, but with bigger payouts, smaller success rates and the games are rigged.

Still, you want to give it a shot, right? Who am I to stop you? You have as good a chance as just about anyone. But before you quit your job at Target, pack your bags and book your ticket, learn as much as you can. Why not start reading the following guide I wrote with you in mind? Continue reading

Needing To Give

I’ve been thinking a lot about giving and receiving – not tangible things like gifts, but time, attention, correspondence. And I’ve been focusing on those who have not given me these things. It irks me, to say the least, because I’m someone who A) doesn’t have a great fondness for people in general, yet B) does his best to do the right thing. My dissatisfaction has caused me to do something as rash as unfriending almost all of my blood relations from Facebook.

But my whole philosophy is wrong. I should not focus on those who failed to help me; I should celebrate those who have helped me. Because, in this life, nobody owes you anything. Your dad provided the seed, and your mom the egg and 9 months rent.  From then until you’re dead, obligations are nil.
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Cool Shirt Tuesday #1

First, an introduction. I have quietly amassed a staggering collection of t-shirts. When I see a cool one, it’s really hard to pass up. You could say I wear my interests on my sleeve. If you wanted to. You probably don’t want to.

When I spot a deal, I tend to go off. You’d be surprised how many sites sell unique shirts every day for as low as $10, or have countless artist submissions based on pop culture subjects.

I have an album on Facebook of about 20 of my cool shirts. But I want to show more, damn it! So every Tuesday (Cool Shirt Tuesday) I’ll post a new picture of one of my shirts. And I’ll even include a link (if possible) so you can order one yourself!

Cool Shirt #1
Punch Out: King Hippo
Designed by dutyfreak

T-Shirt Link
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Justin’s J-Pop Jukebox #1

One • Two • Three by Morning Musume

One Two Three single cover

First, an introduction. I’m cool. No, just trust me on that, even if you know me IRL and disagree. And since I’m cool, that means the things I like are cool as well. J-pop doesn’t have that reputation among us gaijin (foreigners), but it should.

I aim to change that. For Justin’s J-Pop Jukebox, every Friday I’ll post a J-pop song that I dig. I’ll talk about the band, the song itself, and post a video and an iTunes link. Please check them out, and if you enjoy it too then support the artist. Without further ado, here’s the first entry. Continue reading