Live Plus Idol Concert Report

A little backstory: I am an idol music fan. Morning Musume, BABYMETAL, etc. I like when talented young women are skilled at dancing, singing and looking cute all at the same time. If the tempo is something I can get pumped up by at the gym, all the better. 

A while back, I started a Japanese blog as a way to practice my Japanese and interact with Japanese people. One person I interacted with was Risa, a member of a group called PPP! PiXiON. We exchanged comments from time to time, and then her group happened to be performing in Osaka on my day off. Sweet!

So that’s why I was in a deep basement of an Osaka concert hall on a “Golden Week” Friday, having no clue what I was in for. I had preregistered to maybe save a couple bucks, but was unsure if it worked. Sure enough, at the ticket counter, I said I was here to see PPP! PiXiON, and they knew my name immediately. See, I wrote it in katakana, which is an alphabet used for only foreign words. 



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Justin’s J-Pop Jukebox #1

One • Two • Three by Morning Musume

One Two Three single cover

First, an introduction. I’m cool. No, just trust me on that, even if you know me IRL and disagree. And since I’m cool, that means the things I like are cool as well. J-pop doesn’t have that reputation among us gaijin (foreigners), but it should.

I aim to change that. For Justin’s J-Pop Jukebox, every Friday I’ll post a J-pop song that I dig. I’ll talk about the band, the song itself, and post a video and an iTunes link. Please check them out, and if you enjoy it too then support the artist. Without further ado, here’s the first entry. Continue reading