Country Girls Handshake Event Recap

This was written on 2016.4.30, 19:50

Home from Country Girls handshake event. Never a dull moment. It was held at Cosmo Square, one station over. It’s an entertainment island, last stop on the Chuo Line. Had to take a tram to the ATC shopping center. 

Then, well, it was not easy going. Imagine a mall with a museum and office building attached. And all you know is it’s on the 4th floor. Good thing I left myself plenty of time. I went the complete opposite direction for a while, before I doubled back and saw a sign at the info booth I decided against stopping at earlier. After many long, lonely hallways, I was in the right place. 


One of the single variants

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Japan Chronicles – Morning Musume Event Day

I’m in the middle of a long-ass chronicling of my Japan trip (note: you can buy the whole travelogue on Amazon). However, I wanted to get up the one about the Morning Musume portion for the people at Hello!Online. So here it is. I’ll post separately with the whole shebang in the near future. Continue reading