Spoilerless Dishonored Playthrough Notes

I completed Dishonored last night. At least, I completed it the nice-guy way. The mean-guy way will be completed by end of day. I had originally had a high chaos rating going into the final stage, so I went back and played several stages to shut that thing down, so to speak. It wasn’t quite as easy to do as I’d hoped (as Creative Director Harvey Smith told me, “It’s complicated.”), but I got it done.

See, I normally play these games as a stealthy but thorough player-character. I try to stick to shadows and sneak, but I also take out everyone and explore every nook and cranny of the level. With Dishonored, you kind of have to have one or the other unless you’re really F’ing good. I’m not that good.

Playing levels multiple times led to some interesting results. For example, one later stage had a spot where a bunch of bad-guys were bunched together in a way that – if I didn’t want to kill anyone – I would have to be super stealthy or just flat-out run/blink my way past. Imagine my surprise when I got to that area, and the bad guys were now actually good guys. It was pretty cool. The chaos rating also affects very central characters. It’s worth seeing both ways.

I’m a credit watcher, in both movies and games. I also have a pretty good ear for voices. I did not see it coming that Susan Sarandon was cast as the voice of Granny Rags. Carrie Fisher had a very generic credit; I wonder if she knew someone or if she just made a wishlist. Hit Girl from Kick-Ass is the voice of Emily, daughter of the Empress.

To summarize my time with the game: I loved it. It’s a sublime little digital package of action and adventure. I had some really high expectations coming in and was not disappointed. It may not reach the status with me that Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, or Dark Souls did; but that’s probably because I sunk at least 80 hours into each of those games. Unlike them, however, I see myself going back through Dishonored in a year or two and feeling refreshed – finding new things and using new powers (I didn’t have possession until the final stage). I’m not going to give it a score, but suffice to say anyone comfortable holding a controller will be into Dishonored.

I have a bunch of games on the short list of what to play next: Asura’s Wrath, Sonic Generations, Deus Ex: Human Revolution (which I played for an hour months ago), maybe get back to Persona 3. Any suggestions are welcome.