What Does This Mean?

I finally crawled out of “da Nile,” toweled myself off, and dealt with the fact that this happened. And it made me pretty pissy. Here are my thoughts on the matter.

The “grab her by the pussy” guy won. The “I’ll jail my opponent” guy won. The “mocking a journalist with disabilities” guy won. The “I’m smart cuz I don’t pay taxes” guy won. The “I’d date my daughter” guy won. The “China made up global warming” guy won. The “I’ll punish the media who disagreed with me” guy won. The “Mexican immigrants are rapists” guy won. The “appalled that women menstruate” guy won. The “Putin has some good ideas” guy won. The “Muslims should not be allowed in here and those that are in will have to be labeled for easy identification” guy won. The “most failed businessman in modern times” guy won. The “border wall is my main plan” guy won. The “prisoners of war are losers” guy won. The “attack anyone who isn’t nice to him” guy won. The “endorsed by the KKK” guy won.

Racism, sexism and homophobia will not die out with older generations, as I had hoped. It turns out there are still enough people in my generation and beyond with those beliefs to carry a ticket.

There is apparently a giant segment of the populace that pop culture and media are not close to speaking for. I mean, not even Fox News could have seen this coming.

The rest of the world will look at us in stunned confusion, akin to how the UK was seen after the Brexit vote. If you think anyone in the rest of the world respects Trump then you’ve probably spent your whole life in the same 20-square-mile patch of dirt.

The President and the Republican-controlled Senate will fight to ensure the following: Uninsured people will have to stay that way or pay out the ass in the “free market;” abortion will become an impossibility; gay marriage will be repealed; environmental conservation efforts will be ceased; people who aren’t white males will have a harder time than they already do.

The next Supreme Court Justices will also work toward the above goals, thereby swinging the entire judicial branch.

Other people feel emboldened to display the same deplorable behavior as Trump, because it’s no longer viewed as deplorable. Even worse, they will take action where this man has been all talk. It has already begun, and it’s ugly. He has empowered the very worst people to be their very worst.

The attitude of “I don’t know how to do it but I think I maybe could so let’s let this person with no experience or qualifications give it a shot” that permeated culture recently will continue to rise – rewarding woefully unprepared people with positions they don’t deserve and can’t possibly succeed in. Think American Idol but with nuclear launch codes.

Cheating is seen as permitted as long as you win and can revise history or distract people long enough so they forget. See also: 2016 Democratic primaries, GW Bush’s “wins.” Politics is the Ric Flair of modern culture – the “dirtiest player in the game.”

The majority of people have proven they will choose the hard way when it’s disguised as the easy way.

People vote for their own self-interest. I refuse to believe most people voting for Trump thought it was the best thing for America as a whole.

I will attempt to avoid permanently returning to America for as long as possible. The people there have spoken, and I personally don’t want to live in a country that willed this to happen.

These are my views – many based on fact. But they don’t matter. They won’t shift anyone’s way of thinking. They won’t help anyone or anything in any way. Now more than ever, people are entrenched in their beliefs and vehemently oppose anything that’s even a few short degrees different. And all I can do is hang my head in shame at what we’ve become and where things are about to go. May Elizabeth Warren help us all……


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