2015: My Year in Review

I think a lot of people found a lot of fault in 2015. I empathize with them. However, for me, it was a pretty big year on a lot of levels.

It began in quite a chaotic state. Kate’s job necessitated a move north to San Jose – an area I’m still struggling to appreciate in any meaningful way. The shift wasn’t made easier by my returning from tour less than a month before the shift started to take shape.

I went to Japan in March, by my lonesome. While I can lay out several reasons for the trip, I’m still not sure how to adequately explain the desire to go nor the end result. If anything, it strengthened my desire to be there and immerse myself in the country’s benefits. It became more relevant later in the year.

I finished the sequel to Still Man Fights, The Siblings Who Shook The World – a tighter, more focused story. Like its predecessor, I’m quite proud of it even if sales have thus far been seriously disappointing and it has yet to even receive a review on Amazon. Because of this, I actually pondered shelving all future writing projects. That was short-lived, as I’m already looking ahead to a novelization of my screenplay The Accountant and continuing my most-recent young-adult story idea.

I made the least amount of money of any year in my adult life, while living in a stupidly-expensive apartment. This is all credit to Kate, whose big-money job turned small-change after picking up the financial slack.

Conversely, I’m arguably in the best shape of my life. I cracked down on my diet; and I kept a consistent and intense gym regimen with weights, cardio and abs. I’m sitting around 165  pounds which is very low for me, but my definition – especially my torso – seems to shine at this weight.

I’ve also kept up on my Japanese studies, devoting significant time to it almost daily. I finished Human Japanese Intermediate on iPad, began an adult language class, completed two textbooks on my own (Genki 1 and Japanese for Busy People 1), and signed up for a harder class in the new year.

Then, of course, the big deal occurred in 2015’s final month: Universal Studios Japan, whom I auditioned with in September, offered me a gig. For 13 months starting March 2016, I’ll be [redacted] in Osaka. Opportunities like this don’t come around often, and I’m totally prepared to take full advantage of it. USJ seems like a class act thus far, and I’ll have so much taken care of for me. It’s an ideal way to work as a performer in Japan, even if I can’t make outside income.

This news makes the start of 2016 just as chaotic – especially when you tack on a more-than-likely move before my overseas excursion. But it has the potential to be an even bigger, more successful year. I’ll actually have some income, be in a place to improve my Japanese at a rapid pace, and sharpen my performer chops – all in my “happy place!”

I’d be remiss if I didn’t state that Kate is remaining in the US, in San Jose, while I’m in Osaka. Her job is just too good, and her feelings about Japan don’t mimic my own. Being a healthy couple from afar is no easy task; I think we have it in us to achieve.



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