Justin’s Japan Announcement

March 2014: I went with GWAR to Japan. It was their first tour there, and I thought I could be of service. I met up with them in Osaka for the first show, then traveled to Tokyo for show number two (Dave Brockie’s last). Would you like to know more? I wrote a travelogue on the trip.

March 2015: I went to Japan solo. There were many reasons – to reward myself for busting ass on fall tour with GWAR; to practice my Japanese-language skills; attempt to make some contacts that could lead to work; to pay homage to Brockie; to see my favorite Japanese group open their tour. It wasn’t as productive as I hoped but was still very worthwhile.

March 2016: I will be going back to Osaka Japan. And there I will stay for 13 months, as I have been offered (and accepted) a gig as a performer at the Universal Studios Japan theme park.


A strong American, alone in Osaka. 03.08.2014

This is a big deal for me, and has been a high-priority goal for quite some time. Most of you who know me know of my love of Japan and its culture. Most of the music I listen to these days is Japanese. I study the language daily. I’ve been over there 10 times. There’s a bond between me and that place that I’ve long felt. I have always thought I could do some big things there if given the chance.

The opportunity presented is a near-perfect way to make my goal come to fruition. I auditioned for Universal Studios Japan in LA back in September; things went exceptionally well. I just received a call late last week confirming their desire to hire me. I will have a place to stay, insurance, and obviously will be paid. From all I’ve experienced, it’s a top-shelf organization. I cannot discuss my role, but it will definitely give me a chance to utilize and improve my speaking skills.

There is, of course, one not-perfect aspect to this situation: the woman I’ll be very far away from for a long time. Kate and I have obviously discussed the subject at length – we always do. I have her full support and we will work to make this a strengthening experience. She has a fulfilling job where she’s valued; that’s what I’m going for as well.

I haven’t allowed myself more than a couple moments of being super excited about this. That’s just my way. But really, it’s like getting the keys to Willy Wonka’s factory to me. There will be lots of work leading up to it – March will come quickly – and I will no doubt have difficulties getting assimilated to my job and being over there. But I asked for this. Like really, truly asked for this. And I got it. And I’m ready for it. How cool is that?!

“Always be prepared for the opportunity you want, should it arise.” That’s one of my many sayings.

Thank you for reading this.

2 thoughts on “Justin’s Japan Announcement

  1. Ahh, congratulations! I remember you mentioned this audition before, but it had been long enough I assumed it hadn’t gone anywhere.

    • That’s fair, as most auditions take longer than you’d think and you often don’t hear back. As this was a worldwide one, well…
      It’s been tough to wait it out, as much as I wanted the offer. Great to have something more solid to focus on, though I imagine it won’t feel real until my first day on the job.

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