7 Reasons to Buy My New Novel!


My novel, The Siblings Who Shook The World, released today on Amazon Kindle. It’s the sequel to my first book, Still Man Fights. I’m very proud of the book, and I’m a pretty harsh critic of my own creative output. I would like you to check it out. Still not convinced? Well then, here are…

7 Reasons To Buy The Siblings Who Shook The World

1. More to the Story 
The Siblings Who Shook The World picks up soon after the ending of Still Man Fights — an independently written, edited and published novel that boasts a 4.6-star average from Amazon reviewers.
2. Character
TSWSTW has lead characters who are well developed and relatable: An aging adventurer, a spoiled teenager and gifted girl — each struggling with their own doubts. New and recurring secondary characters add color, humor and intrigue.
3. Action
Heart-pounding action is heightened by technical fight scenes written by someone who actually knows how to fight. They’re both detailed and easy to visualize.
4. Curveballs
While the story is relatively short, you’ll find surprises both slow-burning and out-of-the-blue.
5. It’s a Bargain
Put down that red-cupped pumpkin spice latte — you don’t need the sugar, anyway — and put that money toward a download of TSWSTW!
6. The Writing
The Siblings Who Shook The World is a tighter, more focused book. You will be engaged throughout, even if you’re not a big reader.
7. Support an Independent Artist
I love writing. Putting out a complete story like this, which came from my head without any corporate type making me change it, is one of the most gratifying feelings I’ve experienced. But if a book is released and nobody’s there to read it, it kind of kills the mojo. When people read my stuff, it makes me want to write more stuff!

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