Justin’s J-Pop Jukebox #9

Nippon Manju by LADYBABY

I predict you will be hearing a lot from LADYBABY in the future, so I hastily added an extra J-Pop Jukebox today.


The Artist
LADYBABY is Ladybeard and a pair of idols. Ladybeard is someone I’ve seen here and there in recent months, but he’s fitting to blow up. He’s a muscular, white, Australian stunt actor and pro-wrestler who also sings metal and also crossdresses in Asian schoolgirl garb and is growing very popular in Japan. So he’s just your average Joe. Want to know more about him? Fucking Forbes of all places published an interview with him days ago.

As I’m a muscular, white stunt actor and pro-wrestler who likes metal and wants to be popular in Japan, I’m quite interested in the guy. And he seems like a really cool cat. In the interview, he embraces the gimmick while still giving insight into his real life.

The Song
Nippon Manju is almost a propaganda piece for Japan (Nippon is its more ancient name). It heralds all the popular, cool, quirky things about the country while the three vocalists take a selfie stick around places any frequent Japan traveler will recognize.

The influence from BABYMETAL is obvious, but Ladybeard taking center separates them. It’s got heavy double kickdrums, a roaring guitar solo, and plenty of growling balanced by kawaii girl chants and a little rap. And really, there’s room for a lot more than just one metal/idol hybrid (says the guy who fit both GWAR and Morning Musume into one epic Japan trip last year).

The Video:  

The Archive
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