Justin’s J-Pop Jukebox #8

Stay With Me by Tokyo Girls’ Style

me and TGS

The Artist: Sometimes, if you’re me, you walk around Shibuya. You go into a random music store and buy a DVD of the Morning Musume concert you attended in New York last year.
But sometimes you also look around and it just happens that an idol group you never heard of, Tokyo Girls’ Style, is having a cheki (photo) event to commemorate their new single. Sometimes you say what the heck and buy the CD/ticket. It’s a longer line than you thought, but you have time.
Sometimes you start talking to the guy lined up in front of you, and find he’s a TGS super fan. You talk for a while, about GWAR, America, this band you never heard of…whatever. Then it’s time for the cheki.
Sometimes you’re buff, so you remove your hoodie so you’re just wearing a t-shirt for the picture. You tell them you’re American and they’re surprised. They were just in San Francisco. Sometimes one of them (second from right) says “nice body” so you flex and let them all touch your biceps. There is much giggling and shouts of “Sugoi!” Then sometimes you take the little Polaroid of the moment, have an awkward goodbye with your new super fan friend, notice a few nearby schoolgirls looking wide-eyed at you, and then you go buy your wife some awesome socks. Sometimes. If you’re me.

The Song: The story could end there, with the CD as the price of admission and nothing more. But damned if Stay With Me isn’t a really good track. It’s pretty subdued yet powerful. Ace member Hitomi Arai (who’s hiding behind my head in the picture) takes the majority of vocals. Forgive me for saying it’s got a bit of a Diana Ross and the Supremes vibe, where the support girls are playing their part and the star is allowed to shine.
I actually put this song on most of my gym playlists, despite its lack of heaviness. And I never regret when it comes on. The music itself is feel-good in the best ways, even if the message of the song is sorrowful.

The Video:

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