Justin’s J-Pop Jukebox #7

日本の米は世界一 by Uchikubi Gokumon Doukokai


The Artist: To be honest, I know very little about Uchikubi Gokumon Doukokai. I saw them on a recent episode of J-Melo (Japanese music show on NHK World), and liked what I heard so I investigated. I bought an album off iTunes and scoped out any YouTube videos.

Uchikubi is a three-piece rock band made up of two girls and a guy. Their sound reminds me a lot of System of a Down. They’ve been around a while, as the album I got on iTunes was from 2008, and they just released a new single. I like how everyone gets in on the vocals, and the overall vibe of the music is pleasing. Also like System, some of their subjects are a little goofy, but I can only imagine there’s some deeper context. Or maybe there isn’t.

The Song: 日本の米は世界一 (or Nihon no kome wa sekaiichi or Japanese Rice Is #1 In The World) is the first Ichikubi song I heard about. And it may be my favorite of theirs – though my inability to find it on iTunes means I have to go to YouTube every time I want to hear it. Hopefully they’ll remedy that.

Like other Uchikubi tracks, it’s food-centric. There’s a little English sprinkled about to keep you interested. The video shows a young salaryman drowning his sorrows in beer after a rough day. The tender pities him, and gives him some rice and yakitori to soak up the alcohol. That makes the salaryman feel a lot better. Is it the kindness of the tender or the quality of the food? Who knows. But Uchikubi is rocking out the whole song in separate shots.

The Video:  

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