Justin’s J-Pop Jukebox #6

恋愛 WARS by Bitter & Sweet


The Artist: Bitter & Sweet are a duo made up of Asahi Tasaki (left) and Moemi Hasegawa (right). Individually, they won the Forest Award NEW FACE Audition (in 2012 and 2013, respectively). They were paired up at the end of 2013, after Tasaka had a brief solo career; she’s also an accomplished pianist.

When I was in Tokyo in March, I found out Bitter & Sweet (Bitasui for short) were on a mini live tour where they’d play record stores. I went to their March 16th show at HMV in Shibuya. The picture above is a combo of 2 of the 4 pictures I took. I mistakenly arrived way early (it was raining hard) and bought the CD single so I could have a handshake afterward.

I was very impressed. The harmonizing is pleasant, and both girls gave it their all like they were in front of 5000 (rather than 50). I enjoyed meeting them as well, and told them I’d buy their other albums. True to my word, I did, and they served as the soundtrack to much of my wandering around Tokyo.

The Song: 恋愛 WARS (or Ren’ai Wars or Love Wars) is Bitter & Sweet’s latest single, releasing near the beginning of the year. It’s got a clever premise of two girls arguing over the affections of a guy. They try to one-up each other, but later expose some of their own self-doubt. Sure, it won’t pass the Bechdel test, but it’s still well done. And the melody around it is good as well.

The MV is a blend of cute and serious. There’s scowling followed by confetti throwing. Had I been director, I might have featured more face-offs with more movement. But I get it; they wanted Tasaki on the left and Hasegawa on the right. For what is probably a small-budget video, it’s well done.

The Video: 

Itunes Link:

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