Justin’s J-Pop Jukebox #5



The Artist: BABYMETAL took the world by storm early last year. I’m going to assume Gimme Chocolate is a big enough hit that you’ve already heard it a few dozen times. The group expertly blends metal music with idol music – two of my favorite genres, of course. It only took one listen for me to buy the entire album and fall in love with BABYMETAL. There are some metal purists that disagree, and they can sit upon their spiky, wrought-iron thrones.

You know the phrase, “It takes years to become an overnight sensation”? BABYMETAL qualifies, even though the girls are only in their teens. If you look at some of their videos, they’re dated November of 2012. That’s Japan and its slow build before an artist’s “major debut.”

The older girl, nicknamed SU-METAL, is 17. She went to the same Actor’s School in Hiroshima that Riho SayashiMorning Musume 15‘s ace – attended, and at the same time even. The younger girls, MOAMETAL and YUIMETAL, are both 15. All three were members of an idol group called Sakura Gakuin.

BABYMETAL has been sporadically touring the world, selling out wherever they go. I was unfortunately away on GWAR business when they came to Los Angeles. Perhaps I’ll get to see them at some point, though it would be akin to catching a hummingbird.

The Song: Iine! is very different from Gimme Chocolate. The EDM-style synthesizers are in the forefront, pushing the heavy-metal guitars to the back. And when they break into full-on hip-hop mode, the song jumps to a whole other level – in the positive, in my opinion. “Microphone check 1-2, 1-2. Are you ready to mosh?” they ask before going into some guttural metal breakdown. You just want to kick something.

I love the entire BABYMETAL album, but Iine! (which means “Good, right?”) is a very close second to Gimme Chocolate as my favorite song. And the video gives more of a rock-club vibe, rather than Chocolate’s arena feel. So check it out if you haven’t done so yet (or in a while).

The Video:  

iTunes Link:

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