Coming Clean

Happy New Year to any Russian spam-bots reading this.
When I started this blog, it was to chronicle what to me was a daunting duration of time without buying video games. I didn’t know if I could do it, and I don’t know how committed I actually was to actually accomplishing my task.

Full disclosure: I’ve bought some games since starting My Year of Backlogs. If you looked at the last entry with a discriminating eye, you would notice I’ve played games that released after my October 9 start.

I won’t mention all the games I ended up picking up during Black Friday sales and the like, but I will say it is both more than I’d like to admit but less than in years past. And most of them were iPhone games, because I still haven’t determined whether those count or not.

The one I will mention is XCOM: Enemy Unknown, because it’s my 2012 Game of the Year. I know Dishonored was my muse for this blog – and that is a damn fine game – but XCOM is so strategic, so habit-forming, so satisfying… It’s also a pretty long campaign.

A small but significant feature is being able to customize your soldiers. This means giving them the name and likeness of people you know. I’ve done this for all but the “bonus” characters. This means I owe a couple friends an apology, as they were KIA. However, that’s a small price to pay for the personal touch this game affords you. If you can afford it, I suggest you pick it up.

Okay, stop looking at me like that. I also got The Walking Dead (PC) – many outlets’ selection for Game of the Year – but I’ve only played about 45 minutes of it.


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