My fave game of 2012, on sale

A big reason why I loved reviewing video games was to share my joy for awesome titles that may have been passed by. Games like Disgaea and Guitar Hero 1 were some favorites that I was able to sing the praises of in print or online. This year, the best game I’ve played is Dark Souls. Now, I know it released in 2011, but I didn’t buy/play it until 2012, so it’s a game of 2012 to me. And actually, the PC version was released in 2012. And that’s the version this post is dedicated to, because it’s currently only $20 on Amazon.

This is a great Halloween game. Unlike killing zombies or having dogs jump out at you, Dark Souls’s scares come in the form of crushing difficulty. But if you persevere, the rewards are much higher than the lows are low (does that make sense? I’m high on endorphins right now). Its level design brilliantly straddles open-world and dedicated stages. The offensive options let you play your own way. No battle is boring, because for at least the first 2/3 any enemy is capable of making you die — thus robbing you of any souls (currency) you’ve picked up, as well as sending you back to the bonfire where you last saved. There is no loading up saves; heck, there’s no pause! It’s awesome.

Incidentally, telling you about games I already own (and have completed) which are on sale is a whole lot easier than trumpeting sales for games I want but do not own.


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