XCOM? Fire Emblem!

I’m glad Dishonored was my final game purchase for the next year. I was able to get in several hours with it this weekend. I’ve given up attempting to just KO or avoid enemies. I like exploring too much, which means contending with more bad guys. But now that I have a special power where assassinated people turn to ash, at least I don’t have to worry about hiding bodies.

With the XCOM hype, I find myself wanting some tactical strategy goodness. Enter Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. I reviewed this for X-Play back in the day – which is apparently no longer on their site – and I really enjoyed it. It was one of the Ambassador games on 3DS, which means I don’t even have to dig it out of the big box o’ GBA games to play! And playing this gets me off of my iPad and Angry Birds Space HD, which I’d developed a not-too-healthy obsession with as of late.

Fire Emblem is a rather traditional turn-based tactical RPG. Its main gimmick is that once someone dies, they’re gone for good. This adds weight to every loss. For example, I met up with a former knight, long retired to raise his son. The son talks him into having them join us. Two battles later, the kid gets hacked in half by an enemy. Oops. Maybe Dad was right after all…

Now, technically, I could probably close out the game, and restart the chapter. But battles are pretty darn long. Instead, I just… uh, avenge his death. Yeah, that’s it. And there’s usually enough characters that you’re leaving a few in the tent before you fight. At least so far.

Now, Best Buy has a great deal for those of you who aren’t on a game-buying ban: Buy 2 games, get 1 free! This means if you buy XCOM and NBA 2K13, for example, you can get Max Payne 3 for free! Those are all games I don’t own, which are on my wishlist Excel. You all keep an Excel spreadsheet of your games wishlist, right? With priority rankings and a desired price for each one? Of course you do!


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