Haaaail No, Halo 4!

I am anti-piracy, to Vanilla Ice levels (aka “to the X-treme”). I made a living off an industry that suffers from it, and I have good friends who are crazy talented who are victims of it. So when someone steals stuff, I get angry.

A Kotaku article got me to new levels of rage. In it, writer Evan Narcisse reaches out to people who have the balls to sell their pirated copies of Halo 4 on Craigslist. Some actually respond, and attempt to pass on their bullshit justification that helps them sleep at night.

I won’t waste our time addressing their crap, because it’ll just get me angry again. Suffice to say: Developers don’t make a lot of money, and selling stolen property is a very punishable crime (ask a former game journalist, busted for distributing stolen game code).

Not every game is worth $60, sure. But Halo games give you a ton of enjoyment in their packages. Halo’s Archives and Halo 2’s ending notwithstanding, I tend to really dig the single-player campaign. They throw a lot at you, and give you a “big battle” feel. And it’s probably the only game series where I’ve spent more time in multiplayer than single-player. The stats it tracks are amazing, and online is such a smooth experience. If I wasn’t currently in the throes of a game-buying ban, I’d gladly drop $60 (minus $10 credit) to pick up Halo 4.


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