Sega! Sales!

Do you like decently-received, relatively new Sega-published games? Me too! Of course, I can’t buy them… but you can! – which is really being aggressive with game prices lately – has Yakuza: Dead Souls (PS3) and Binary Domain (360 or PS3) on sale for $14.99 each with free shipping.

Dead Souls is the first Yakuza game I haven’t bought. However, I only beat Yakuza 1, and played a few hours of 3. Binary Domain is apparently a Gears/Terminator hybrid with a decent story.

And I’ll toss one plug in here, since I’m working on it instead of playing games. I wrote an action/scifi novel, Still Man Fight, that I put on Kindle. You can check it out here. I’m in the process of reading through a proof of the paperback version, which I hope to also have for sale up on Amazon soon. I may plug that again when the paperback is available.


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