Is Digital Cheating?

When I decided to embark on this project, there was one gray area: downloadable games. I’m still not sure whether I’m boycotting getting games over XBLA or iOS. I guess I kinda have to. And honestly, 859 of my games are downloaded rather than on physical media. And I damn sure haven’t played any of those yet. So, for anyone who’s actually read this new blog yet, do you consider buying digital games cheating?

There are 2 games really tempting me already: Dust: An Elysian Tale& and Mark of the Ninja, both for XBLA.

The former is apparently a Metroidvania style game, using hand-drawn art that rivals Odin Sphere. I just played through Metroid Fusion again recently — this time on my 3DS via the Ambassador Program — so I suppose I could wait on it. And I never did beat Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia.

Mark of the Ninja is a different beast, though: It’s a 2D stealth game. The only game I own that I’d put in that category is Splinter Cell for N-Gage. I really don’t feel like digging that out, though I did respect the game (I gave it a 4 out of 5 on GameSpy, which I guess no longer exists?). Maybe I could finally play the Wii iteration of the awesome Tenchu series? I bought that with hanging GameStop credit and have never unwrapped it.

I’ve played Dishonored the last couple nights. It’s basically everything I hoped it would be. Any game where you can spend the whole time in a sneak-crouch is okay by me. I’m still very much in the early stages, but I think the training wheels are about to come off shortly. I believe I chose my final game for the year wisely.


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