Day #1 and already tempted

I picked up Dishonored, which I preordered at Best Buy on June 6. Per usual, doing any in-store pickup there is a pain in the ass. The in-store pickup line was empty, with 3 associates behind the desk. I go up there, and get sent to the 3 deep customer service line instead. Why? Who knows. So I wait. And eventually a Geek Squad person calls me over. He then is about to send me BACK to the pick-up section (now with a healthy line), when I tell him that’s where I started. He decides to see me through personally. Then they don’t have a copy held for me, so I just walk to a front-of-store display and grab one. Finally, I’m rung up and out the door in about 10 minutes — 8 more than necessary. But I have the game.

Most of you know that X-COM also released today. What most of us didn’t see coming is that it’s excellent. Watching GameTrailers’ review, it really seems like my style of game. I truly dig tactical RPGs. This has elements of both Valkyria Chronicles and Fire Emblem.

But tempting as it may be – especially when I get my $20 credit from Dishonored – I am on a mission. No buying games for a year. So what to do? Well, it just so happens that I have the entire X-COM series on Steam, thanks to its X-COM: Complete Pack, which I bought a while back for under $10. I figure it’s a good idea to play at least UFO Defense before jumping into this new version anyway, right? I hope it’s a little easier than Frozen Synapse, which whupped my butt in the hour or so I put into it.


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