The Beginning

I’ve been a gamer since I can remember. We’re talking back when games would load off of cassette tapes. Instead of participating in after-school extracurricular activities, I would rush home to play Final Fantasy III or King’s Bounty or Mega Man 2.

I turned this passion into a job, when I was hired as an editor at Game Informer magazine. In my 4 years there, it went from gaudy curiosity to the world’s best-selling game magazine. So what did I do? I quit to go and make games.

After shipping 3 titles in 3 years, I was worn down. Fulfilling as some the process was, the reality definitely did not live up to the fantasy. But my love of games never wavered.

Now, I’m a writer/actor struggling in the 2012 economy. I need to not buy any more games. Especially since I own well over 2,012 games. But there are so many great new releases! So many awesome deals! Tough titty for me.

Starting October 9 (because I’ve already pre-ordered the sure-to-rock Dishonored, which releases October 8), I will not buy another game for the next year. I will play what I have and talk about it in this blog. When killer games come out, I will find a substitute from my collection. When there’s an stupid-cheap deal, I’ll mention it here but abstain.

I hope you enjoy my year of avoiding temptation while actually using my existing game collection as more than just box-filler. And maybe you’ll find out a few deals or hear about a promising new game along the way.


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